LED Panel UGR>19

UGR < 19 Led Panel

Enlightenment has a great influence on both the general well-being of people, but certainly also on the productivity of a company. There must, of course, be sufficient light to perform the work properly, but it must not cause workers to be blinded.
This blindness is indicated by a UGR value. UGR stands for Unified Glare Rating. This UGR value indicates the extent to which light nuisance or glare is caused by LED lighting, from the eye level and viewing direction of the user.

The European recommendations for indoor lighting indicate an average UGR value per room, which the lighting must meet according to the standard, such as:
Offices                             UGR <19
Corridors                          UGR <28
Average industrial work     UGR <25
Fine industrial word           UGR <22

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  1. LED panel 36W 60x60cm white aluminum UGR 19 100L/w PMMA OPTION: flicker-free or dimmable

    As low as €40.99 €33.88
  2. Led panel 30x120cm white aluminum 36W UGR 19 100L / w incl. Driver OPTION: Dimmable

    As low as €39.51 €32.65
  3. Led panel 40W 62x62cm white UGR< 19 PMMA 100L /W Option: Flicker-free or Dimmable

    As low as €40.06 €33.11

3 Items

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