Round LED Panel

Round Led Panel
We design and develop our own round LED panels and LED lighting. This enables us to offer our products at very competitive prices.
Round LED panels do not emit a bundle of light rays downwards as spotlights, but illuminate the entire surface evenly. The LED panels can also be used very well for example in shops, hallways, offices, toilets, kitchens, and public buildings.
Light colors: - K3000 warm white,- K4000 white
K6000 daylight.
We deliver to both companies and individuals.

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  1. Round LED panel 9 watt Ø14.5cm

    As low as €4.22 €3.49
  2. Round LED panel 12 watt Ø17cm

    As low as €4.83 €3.99
  3. Round LED panel 18 watt Ø22,5cm

    As low as €5.43 €4.49
  4. Round LED panel 24 watt Ø30cm

    As low as €9.08 €7.50
  5. Round LED panel 20 watt Ø50-205cm

    As low as €9.67 €7.99
  6. Round LED Panel 20Watt Ø20cm

    As low as €10.22 €8.45
  7. Downlight 24w 20cm K6000

    Special Price €4.83 €3.99 Regular Price €8.46

7 Items

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