3-Fase Led Spots Rail/Track lighting

LED Track Lighting Fase 3 

What is 3-Fase Railsystem?
With a 3-phase rail system, you have the option of lighting the spots in 3 different circuits.

LED track light, LED track light, LED track system
The LED track light can be rotated 360 degrees and has the same light effect as an LED spot to highlight certain objects or products.
It is used very often in museums, shopping centers, shop windows, galleries, etc. The LED track light can be moved comfortably and the light direction can be adjusted as desired. Due to the simple shape, the spotlight can be easily integrated into any room without dominating, available with black or white housing.

This rail light requires a U-Rail rail, it is 150cm long and can be changed as desired using corner and extension rails and used throughout the room (see video). The rail is connected to the power cable on one side. The electricity is led through the rail by means of a copper cable and all lights can be mounted directly on the rail with simple locks.

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  1. LED Rail Lighting /Spot 40W GRAZ WHITE Bridgelux Chip 3-Phase CRI +90

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