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LED Panel Light Dimmer 1-10V incl. Remote max. 800Watt

Triac Dimmer max 600 watt 220V

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Triac Dimmer max 600 watt 220V

How does a dimmer with a triac circuit work?

Dimmers currently sold use a triac circuit. With a triac circuit, the alternating voltage is interrupted for a short time each time the alternating voltage crosses zero. When the dimmer switch is turned or the dimmer switch is moved, this interruption becomes longer or shorter, which causes the lamp to start flickering very quickly. This flicker is not perceptible, but what is perceptible is that the lamp burns brightly or less brightly.

The dimming of lighting with a triac circuit is also referred to as the Cutting phase technique. Phase cut means that at the beginning of each fluctuation, ie at zero, the AC voltage is momentarily interrupted, see also the figure below.

Delivery: 2 days
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